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Guideline Prices

The list below is a guide of the prices I charge for my photographic services. All PhotoShoots are different and I like to add a personal touch to the PhotoShoots planning, this is my way of guaranteeing that the PhotoShoots and photographs are personal to the client. All cost will be agreed in advance and any additional costs will not be incurred without written agreement with the client.

If you want more information please use the contact page.

Item Cost
Half Day Portrait Shoot (own Home) £250
Family Portrait Shoot (own Home) half day £300
Full Day Portrait Shoot (own Home) £450
Family Portrait Shoot (on location) £450
Standard Wedding Package £750.00
Extended Wedding Package £950+
Additional Post Processing £25 /hr
Photo Retouching £25 to £150
DVD/USB/video Slideshow £75